Campus Life

Established in 2007, the SAA-GE Student Council (SSC) was set up with the objectives of bonding our multi-cultural students from all over the world and building a communication channel between SAA Global Education (SAA-GE) and its students. SSC aims to provide an enriching and vibrant campus experience through the organisation and promotion of various events and activities.

SSC is currently made up of 9 members; newly elected for appointment on an annual basis. The council consists of various roles and is managed by the President, assisted by the Vice-President. Each individual member has specific roles and responsibilities to support the functions of SCC. Through their term in the SSC, members are able to learn useful knowledge like leadership, teamwork, organisational and administration skills.

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We invite you to take alook into the life of our students in and out of the campus. View SAA & SSC’s events by clicking on the albums below.

Forest Adventure Trip
Food Tasting
Learning Trip to Sydney
BBQ @ Changi Beach
SAA-GE Welfare - RedBull Day
Thong Chai Charity Walkaton
Interview & Resume Writing
SAA-GE Graduation 2015
MAFC Graduation 2014