Sara Machado


I have been teaching English since 2006, and I’ve been working at Malvern House since January 2010. Having had the opportunity to meet so many people from different countries and cultures, I feel that I have learnt as much as I have taught. I’m interested in travelling, I love animals, going to the cinema, I’m definitely a bookworm and I love studying as well as teaching.

Steven Harrop


I’ve been a teacher for 21 years and I’ve worked at Malvern House since January 2014. I’ve taught all levels from beginners to advanced and have a particular interest in grammar and pronunciation. I do a lot of the social activities at Malvern House, including weekend trips. I love travelling in my free time so it’s great that I can combine my job with my hobby.

Stephen Philips


I was born in Liverpool. I have a lot of teaching experience: after I graduated from university with a degree in English, I taught in high schools as a learning mentor, helping students with special learning needs. I have been working at Malvern House for several years now. I am a patient teacher who works hard to help students become as fluent and confident as possible. In my spare time I love going to the theatre, swimming, meditation and spending time with friends. I look forward to meeting you in London.

Alina Stoicescu


I’ve been working for Malvern House since 2009 and I’ve been teaching English since 2011. I have experience with all levels from absolute beginner to advanced students, but my strongest point is teaching exam classes like PET, CAE, and IELTS. I’ve helped lots of students achieve their dreams of studying in British and European universities or simply to improve their English much faster so that they could embark on other life adventures. I am also a qualified Trinity exam marker.