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As a School that aims to deliver the highest standards of quality services to all its customers (i.e. students), a Dispute Resolution Policy will provide the standards, framework and guidelines on how the School can manage any feedbacks, complaints, grievances and disputes that arises. In advocating an open door policy, the School is open to receiving any feedbacks from all stakeholders so as to ensure continual improvement in its policies, systems and procedures.

This Dispute Resolution Policy provides a mechanism for the resolution of disputes between complainant and SAA-GE, which cannot be resolved by informal discussions. This policy governs the resolution of disputes arising from or relating to the provision of services by SAA-GE to its complainant. Dispute arising from academic related matters such as grade appeals are governed by the respective awarding body’s policy.


All feedbacks, complaints, grievances and disputes are handled by related departments, depending on the nature and area of concern. Respective staffs have been trained to resolve / handle all student matters / issues. Any formal / official communication of follow up actions must be approved by the respective Head of Departments.

Complainant is encouraged to approach SAA-GE directly to resolve their complaint at the earliest opportunity. SAA-GE will acknowledge complaint received from complainant within 1 working day and resolve them within 14 working days.

Complaint will be managed in the following manner:

1.       Timely resolution at the lowest level possible

2.       Principles of fairness applied to all involved in the process

3.       Privacy and confidentiality maintained to all involved in the process

4.       Staff dealing with the complaint has no conflict of interest.

Policy Statements

Handling of Feedbacks and Complaints

The School accepts both written (emails / letters) and verbal communications (meetings / telephone correspondences).

All feedbacks and complaints must be properly recorded and /or documented. Any correspondence between the School and the student must be annexed as evidences. This is to ensure that any staffs handling the case are kept aware of the progress / outcomes.

In the event of any disputes with relation to retention, suspension, expulsion and awards, the School Dispute Resolution Policy and Process shall follow.

It is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance to notify relevant departments of any feedbacks and complaints.

Students must be kept informed of the status of their feedback / complaints.

Quality Assurance or related staff handling is to respond to respective students within 1 working day of receipt of the feedback / complaint.

All feedbacks / complaints must be resolved within 14 working days. In the event that the deadline is not adhered to, respective students must be notified and the reasons with regards to the delay must be made known.

When complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, or the process used to resolve the complaint, complainant may appeal directly to the Committee for Private Education (CPE) through their Student Services Centre. SAA-GE will participate in the dispute resolution process which involves mediation and arbitration.

Alternate Remedies in Dispute Resolution

In the event that the School and the student cannot come to an agreement or the student does not accept the final decision made by the School’s Management Team, they will be referred to Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) or Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb) through CPE Student Services Centre for mediation.

References: CPE Dispute Resolution Mechanism

As a constant effort towards improving our products and services, SAA-GE welcomes feedback from students. Kindly email your feedbacks / complaints to:

Quality Assurance Department:

We will investigate and act-on to resolve the areas of concern either immediately or within 14 working days, depending on the complexity of the case. If we are unable to solve the complaint amicably, we will refer the matter concerned and affected person/s to the CPE Student Services Centre(SSC).

In the event that a student is unsatisfied with the outcome of the internal grievances resolution process or the matter is still unresolved, we will refer the matter concerned and affected person/s to:

Committee for Private Education

  1 Marina Boulevard, #18-01 One Marina Boulevard Singapore 018989 

 Tel : (65) 6512 1140 


A copy of the CPE Mediation – Arbitration Scheme is downloadable from the CPE website.

Examination Appeal

If students wish to raise any issue with regards to examinations or appeals, kindly email and your respective programme executive.